What You Need to Know About Getting Your First HGV Driver Job

At this stage, all over the country businesses are desperate for more qualified and skilled drivers for their different distribution networks. With the demand in this industry for HGV drivers outstripping the available supply, a lot more of the drivers that have just qualified will discover they are offered with top-rated positions, for jobs in this field.  From long-haul truck drivers onto local-delivery drivers, there has never been such an abundance of opportunities for qualified HGV drivers as there are now. So, just how simple is it for the fledging drivers to secure their first HGV job, and tips we have available to them.

The Importance of Experience

Some of the driving jobs will naturally require a bit more experience when compared to others, and a few of the companies prefer hiring experienced drivers over the new ones. Which means the more highly paid roles will more than likely go to drivers that are more experienced. But remember that even these drivers had to start from somewhere. There are still many jobs for new drivers that are just starting out. All that is the required is the necessary qualifications, with most that you can obtain through us at Easy as HGV.

Option One – Driver Recruitment Agencies

When finding a role that matches up to your qualifications, you will have two options. The first involves approaching one of the driver recruitment agencies. These are the agencies that focus specifically on the recruitment of drivers for all types of roles and companies. You are able to sign-up with an agency using your CV, and the more agencies you sign-up with the more you improve your chances of finding the right role. When drivers are required, these agencies will give this job role to the very first qualified driver that accepts it, which means you need to be prepared to be fast when using this option. Yet you will still get a choice in the role you have chosen, which means you will not end up with up with a random job in driving.

Option Two – The Direct Approach

If you decide you would like to be hands on about finding a job, then go for option two. Get the qualification that you need, and start by handing out a great CV. Ideally, you will need to find the individuals that handle hiring at the medium and large-sized haulage companies close to where you reside. You are able to do this by post, digitally or in person with the hiring managers. This approach may take more time, yet you improve your chances of getting a job with a larger firm, while face-to-face is usually all the hiring manager will need to offer them with the reassurance to invite you for an interview.

Come Prepared

When you have secured an interview with prospective employers, whether it is for unofficial chats or an official interview, it is always in your best interests to make sure you are prepared. This means wearing smart/casual or smart clothing, making sure your appearance is tidy and clean. This sends out a positive message that you are very serious about your career. The interviewer will ask you about what qualifications you have along with past work experience, so it is worth your while to have your answers prepared or have a good idea about what you are going to say. If they have asked you to give your information in writing, ensure you have taken the time to offer accurate information in writing that is readable.

Driver Development Programmes

Many of the employers of today offer induction training when it comes to new recruits, so they are able to instruct the drivers on how they expect them to get things done. In some cases, there are ongoing instructions along with support, which offers the new drivers with experience along with great extras to add to their CVs. The development programmes might include instructions that may extend past only driving, like the overall workings of a vehicle and about more about the company itself.