Passing The HGV Theory Test With 4 Useful Tips

The HGV theory test is on the horizon for you. HGV driving requires a lot of hard work and skill mastery, along with qualifications in the theory and practical sections. The idea of a theory test can make people extremely nervous.

Taking driving tests at a young age from different locations, tough exams while in school, and the feeling of facing something bigger than oneself can all take a toll on a person. It isn’t necessary to have these feelings when taking an HGV theory test. The following tips from  will help you take the HGV theory test with confidence and pass with flying colours.

Be Fully Aware Of The Format

The theory test will have a particular format, and spending a little time to know that format before taking the test will prevent you from being caught off guard. The HGV test is not the same as a regular driving test and should not be treated as such. The test contains various elements related to HGV operation, spanning across 100 questions in a multiple choice format. That isn’t all, as the test has a section for hazard perception where test takers will be required to write. 20 possible hazard will also need to be spotted in 19 videos, and the videos come with their own set of multiple choice questions. Once you become familiar with this format, you will be prepared to face it without confusion and frustration.

Prepare For The Real Thing With Practice Tests

The feeling of nervousness about the test can be overcome by taking a few practice versions of it. HGV practice tests are available for you to easily access, and our trainers can provide you with some and show you the best places to find unlimited tests if you request. Your test scores will not be recorded and you can take them as many times as you want, so you can use them as a good way to figure out which areas of the test you’re the weakest in and improve. Since the practice tests are arranged the same way as the real tests and sometimes are real previously used tests, they will get you into a test-taking mood.

Keep An Eye Out For Hazard Perception

The hazard perception section of the theory test is one of the hardest things that test takers will have to face. The section itself isn’t really difficult, but test takers will find it hard to tell the difference between possible dangers and regular activity that is going on, and if they provide the wrong answer, their score will be negatively impacted. This problem can be overcome by repeatedly taking the hazard perception portion of the test in practice tests. These tests can be found online and will make it possible to learn from any mistakes and become better at identifying what is wrong.

Develop a clear understanding of what developing hazards actually are and how they will look in a real environment. Test takers won’t pass just by clicking at anything they see. A developing hazard is defined by the DVLA as anything that would cause a person to act, such as altering their direction or speed.

Don’t Randomly Click During The Test

There may come a time when you don’t know the answer to something, or you just get a little nervous and want to start clicking on random portions of the screen in hopes that you might find the right answer. At the time, this may seem like the best option, but it’s not, and will only result in you getting a lower score on the test. Each click can have a negative effect on your score because of how the software is written. The software examines the clicks and determines that excessive ones made at random are complete guesses, which leads to failure for the test taker.