Helpful Tips For Vehicle Tracking With Fleet Keeper

Maintaining and organising fleet vehicles, field personnel or any other assets doesn’t seem possible with no reliable centralised system accessible whatsoever quantity of a business. Fortunately scalping strategies are available and therefore are known as fleet keeper or vehicle tracking systems. There are a variety of solutions available which happen to be designed to handle every aspect of managing and looking after a fleet in addition to personnel and job dispatching. Each has a raft of features and abilities which makes it hard to select a solution.

There are lots of companies supplying vehicle tracking and fleet keeper solutions. These fall under two kinds of system, online or in your area installed software.

Online systems are generally a web-based or “within the cloud”. They’re utilized using a web interface or internet browser while a in your area installed system is a component of a nearby computer. The benefits and drawbacks to those two systems are minimal and are available lower to I.T infrastructure already being used through the business. If your business comes with an existing database to handle areas of the company this data might need to be utilized by fleet keeper which may require a in your area installed solution.

What features or abilities make fleet keeper a great investment for any business?

Centralised Data Storage

Getting information in one location is essential for organisation of every aspect of a company. Great solutions let the input and storage of car information like service, M.O.T and road tax records. Driver records for example driving qualifications, medical needs and endorsements may also be joined to the system. Important vehicle and driver documents could be scanned and simply retrieved when needed.

Vehicle Service Reminders, Alerts and Management

One really helpful facet of fleet management is the opportunity to set reminders or alerts for vehicle servicing, M.O.T or road tax payment dates. Personnel can update the status of car repairs and motorists can record any vehicle problems when finishing daily checks.

Vehicle Tracking with Gps navigation

An essential feature when buying a fleet management option would be the opportunity to know where vehicles or staff is located or where they’ve been. Vehicle tracking is generally achieved with installing a little device within the vehicle or perhaps in the situation of personnel or assets a little device could be transported inside a pocket or attached. Once setup you’ll be able to see vehicles, people and assets in tangible-time on maps. Knowing where all of the business assets are enables the fleet manager or transport dispatcher to assign the best focal point in the right location.