Driving 101: Tips for First-Time Drivers

You have waited all your life to get your dream car, but you couldn’t hit the road because you’re having a hard time catching up. But remember, it’s okay to take time learning how to drive. There are some drivers who learned how to use cars by solely observing other drivers and picking it up from them. If you’re not that type and if trying to learn by yourself is not working, then it’s time to sign up to a legitimate driving school that can guide you. Try to get driving lessons in Leicester and once you’re done, here are more tips to improve your skills.

Drive with Music On

Music helps in boosting your mood. Play a classical piece for a more relaxing and smooth ride. If you’re easily bored, tune in to upbeat hits and enjoy the trip. But since it’s your first time driving, keep your volume low, so it won’t distract you from the road.

Wear the Right Shoes

You might think this one’s not important, but as a beginner, wearing the proper footwear while driving gives you an easier experience. You’re just getting used to your vehicle, so you must feel comfortable. Also, with the right shoes, you will be able to get a better feel of the car’s pedals.

Familiarise Yourself with the Car You’re Using

As mentioned above, you must feel comfortable while driving. Know the basics of your car from the inside out. Know and identify the buttons in your car. Learn your car’s features but don’t push it to its limits.

Sit Properly

This one is crucial especially for short drivers. Sit straight and make sure that your seat is adjusted in a position where you can clearly see the road and at the same time, you can check on the side mirrors. Don’t stoop forward as this will make your back ache.

Use the Turn Indicators

As a first-time driver, you must be extra careful by alerting the cars around you when you’re going to make a turn. Keep in mind the importance of turn indicators and use them accordingly. Using the turn signals will help to save you from bad situations on the road.

Follow Traffic Rules

This is not just a practice for beginners but for all drivers. Do not speed as it may lead to accidents. Follow the traffic lights and do not run a red light. Do not keep honking unless it’s necessary as it may cause disturbance among the vehicles around you. Be courteous to other drivers and be a responsible one.

The key to driving smoothly is to keep calm and steady. It may be difficult for you now as a beginner, but with practice and patience, you will eventually be able to enjoy a smooth ride.

Image: Pixabay.com