Different Lorry Types

1. Curtainsider

“The curtainsider is the more common truck type people train on because many items or goods are easy to place into the vehicle in crates or on pallets,” says HGV training company Easy As HGV. They are ideal to promote and advertise your business as it is easy to have printed logos on each side. While they are considered less secure in comparison to containers, they provide flexibility. The popularity of these vehicles around the UK has been credited to Eddie Stobart’s use of this vehicle type since the early origins of this firm.

2. Flatbed

The flatbed vehicles are suited for transporting of goods like metals, woods and any other types of flat surfaces. Once correctly secured, this is one of the safest ways to transport these goods. The flatbed is used the most often in the construction industries. They are also suitable to move supplies associated with buildings such as pipes, or various types of surfaces. These trucks are able to hold a similar weight to the curtainsider.

3. Moffet

The moffets are very similar to the curtainsiders and also come in various sizes, yet there is a feature that makes these vehicles very different as well as more resourceful when it comes to handling the heavier goods. The forklifts on these vehicles can handle weights of up 1,200 kg come in assorted sizes and shapes that adapt to the needs of the driver, ready to transport goods onto or off a trailer. This assists in speeding up the loading and unloading of goods.

4. Walking Floor

The walking floor trucks have the ability to move larger amounts of the bulk products with palletised stuff that you are able to push out your trailer by simply pushing a button. It is perfect for cobblestones, sand, wood shavings along with other disposals. This makes the task of moving these products from one area to another much easier, instead of having to move the materials into barrels or other materials that could be susceptible to damage.

5. Transporter

The transporter performs the role of moving sets of cars from one area to another. They may take a bit more time to load but are still the simplest way in which to transport new car models by road. They are commonly used by the well-known firms like Ford. The drivers of these lorries are even offered the opportunity to take these cars for a spin when they unload them at drop-off points.

6. Crane Mounted

The crane mounted truck is typically designed with specifics in mind relating to the construction industries but are also useful for efficiently moving pallets. The only problem with these vehicles is they feature less space compared to the average container, yet the process involved in unloading these vehicles is much faster than the forklifts.

7. Tipper Truck

These vehicles are commonly found in operation on the waste sites, as the disposals are lifted and then dropped inside a dump. These vehicles are also able to raise their own trailers, which means that it does away with having to manually move what is inside, the truck will drop everything by lowering the back end of the container, which makes disposals a lot faster and easier.

8. Tankers

The tankers are in a class of their own and are often used to move the resources such as fuels to the different petrol stations. If they carry fuel which is a flammable substance they will feature the necessary warning signs that alert the other drivers near the vehicle of what is contained inside while out on the roads. The tankers are the victims of the high organised crimes where the resources are stolen out of these tanks.

9. 7.5 Tonne

These vehicles are generally used for home removals and are a lot smaller than the average sized HGV, which means they are able to drive on smaller roads, which is one of the main reasons they are the preferred mode of transport for different types of office and home moving days. The 7.5 tonne curtain is able to carry a load of 2,300 kg, and the boxed version can carry up to 2,200 kg.

If you already know the role type you are interested in out on the roads, then we hope that this guide has given you a bit more information on the vehicle type you will be using in your chosen career.