2016 Fiat 500

If you’re looking for a small city car that’s easy to handle in busy urban areas, appears stylish and really does well in the competency stakes, the Fiat 500 may be your best option. It is cute, easy to drive and available in two trims, the Pop and Lounge – the Pop Star comes with a few extras. It has a distinctive retro look and reminds a lot of the timeless 1957 model on whose looks it is based. It comes with 3 doors and can seat 4 people, although the 2 passengers in the back may find it hard to get in and out, especially if they’re tall.



Available in either a 1.2-litre petrol engine or as the 875cc turbocharged TwinAir, which is stronger than its petrol driven little brother, and more fun to drive. But it is more expensive and fairly noisy.

  • The entry-level 2-litre petrol Fiat 500 is easy to handle, quiet, and a really good buy at not much more than £ 11,000. For added options such as metallic paint and DAB you can add a few hundred pounds. It manoeuvres well in urban spaces and is easy to handle in tight spots and squeezes. On open roads it may not be the best in its class. It has a manual or semi-automatic gearbox – the diesel option, however, only offers manual.
  • The TwinAir – It has an 875cc 2-cylinder turbo engine and comes with 103bhp. As for transmission it has a 6-speed manual gearbox and accelerates from 0 – 62mph in 10 seconds.


For a car in the small city car class it offers enough comfort, although leg space may be limiting for some; also, storage is not its greatest feature. It must be mentioned though, that it is indeed longer and somewhat wider than its predecessor. The Lounge trim offers adjustable driver’s seat. The steering wheel offers height adjustment but not reach, unfortunately. As for advanced technology: The Lounge trim comes with rear parking sensors – it is an option with the Pop and Pop Star. Remote door locking is standard.


Looking at the Pop and Pop Star, a fairly straightforward Uconnect system controls the radio and CD player. Also standard is a multifunction steering wheel and USB socket. An optional extra is Bluetooth which is standard for the Lounge. For the latter trim Sat-Nav is optional.


As far as city cars go, the Fiat 500 has always been very popular: It was Europe’s top selling city car in 2013, for instance. There is no reason why the 2016 model should not do well either. The 500 represents great value for a premium city car for the style conscious. Deals change on a regular basis, but one things for sure, it’s a good idea to be a cash buyer and so by selling your car first, you’ll probably save money in the long run.