Two Car Design Features that Notify Drivers When They are Crossing a Lane

More and more vehicles today come with built in safety features. Among those features are lane assist and lane departure features. Both help you stay in your lane, and warn you when you are departing from your lane while on the road. Not only will this help you stay on track and avoid a collision on the road, but it will also assist drivers who are distracted, drowsy, or simply not using their best judgement when they are on the road. Although you should know your rights as a driver in the event you are in an accident, it is possible to avoid many accidents today with safety features; these are a couple many newer model cars include today, to help you stay in your lane, and keep you on track as a driver.

Lane Keeping feature – 
Just as the name implies, this feature is designed to automatically maintain your car’s course as you are driving. It basically helps your vehicle stay in its current lane you are driving in, in the event you aren’t paying attention, or shouldn’t be changing lanes (i.e. something is in your blind spot when driving). Your car will automatically correct its course of action if it reaches lane markings it should not be driving on. So if you are on a merge, on lines of another lane, or drifting to another lane, it will automatically readjust to keep you in your current lane. Many newer cars also have a feature which actually helps keep your car centered in its own lane, which is going to further help prevent on road accidents by distracted drivers.

Lane departure warning – 
Whether it is a beep, signal, or that little orange (red) light on your dash or your rear view window, this is another feature many newer model cars include today to help you stay in your own lane when you are driving. It is a mechanism which warns the driver when they are moving into a lane which has an obstruction, danger, or oncoming traffic which they can’t see for themselves. Basically it tells you that you are moving into a lane (or off road) to an area of danger, if a vehicle is in your blind spot or is otherwise obstructed out of your peripheral view when you are on the road. If your turn signal is not on, and you are moving into a lane other than yours, the departure warning signal will come on.

Of course newer technologies are going to present themselves in years to come and as more and more manufacturers compete to design and develop the safest cars for drivers to buy today. But, for those who are ready to invest in a new car today, and want the top of the line safety features, these are a couple to look for. They help you stay on course, remain in your lane, and avoid a potential accident with oncoming traffic or with certain obstructions which are on the road, you simply can’t see for yourself when driving.